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3M Ultrafina SE Polish 1L
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Rotary compounding and polishing can leave fine circular scratches in the surface of the vehicle paint finish. These circular swirl marks may also show in bright light as "hologram" diffraction patterns. These are often only covered up by final polishes or wax products or rectified with additional lengthy processing with a dual-action (DA) machine.

Perfect-it™ III Ultrafina™ SE Polish: Removes all swirls and holograms using standard electric or air-powered rotary polishing machines (1000-2500 rpm). Used in conjunction with a new ultra-soft Ultrafina™ SE High Gloss Polishing Pad it gives excellent, fast results after standard machine compounding and polishing processes

Finish off with the new Ultrafina Polishing Cloth for the ultimate high gloss finish

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